Vaccinum Ovatum | Evergreen Huckleberry

  • Evergreen Shrub
  • Height: 3′-5′
  • Availability: High
  • Growing ease: High
  • Moisture req: Moist, well draining soil
  • Exposure req: Sun to part shade

PLANT DESCRIPTION: Its oval to lance-shaped foliage is evergreen, leathery and irregularly toothed (1-2″ long); often with a pinkish-brown or purplish tinge.  The flowers are pinkish-white bells.  The fruits are usually small purplish-black berries.  Sometimes you may find plants with berries that are larger and bluer with a waxy bloom resembling blueberries. Bloom Period:  April-May. Fruit ripens August to September but often remain on the plant through December.

PLANT IS: flowering, non-toxic, animal-friendly

PLANS THAT USE THIS PLANT: Evergreen Huckleberry is very versatile in the landscape and should be included in almost any natural revegetation project.  Forms an attractive hedge given time.