Mahonia Aquifolium | Oregon Grape

  • Evergreen Shrub
  • Height: 3′-10′
  • Availability: High
  • Growing ease: High
  • Moisture req: Moist, well draining soil
  • Exposure req: Partial 0r Full Shade

PLANT DESCRIPTION: The leathery leaves resemble those of holly. The yellow flowers are borne in dense clusters 1 1/4″-2 1/4″ long in late Spring. Mahonia is valued for its striking foliage and flowers, which often appear before those of other shrubs. It is resistant to summer drought, tolerates poor soils, and does not create excessive leaf litter. Its berries, which resemble dark purple grapes, attract birds.

PLANT IS: flowering, produces berries, non-toxic, animal-friendly

PLANS THAT USE THIS PLANT: Mahonia Aquifolium is a popular shrub in shady or woodland plantings.