This small herbaceous perennial has grass-like evergreen foliage and lilac-purple flowers which produce single-seeded berries on a spike in the fall.

  • Herbaceous Perennial
  • Height: 12-18″
  • Availability: High
  • Growing ease: High
  • Moisture req: Med-Well Draining Soil
  • Exposure req: Full Sun to Part Shade

PLANT DESCRIPTION: It typically grows 12″–18″ tall and features clumps of strap-like, arching, glossy, dark green leaves to ½” wide. Clumps slowly expand by short stolons to a width of about 12″, but plants do not spread aggressively. Roots are fibrous, often with terminal tubers. The small, showy flowers occur on erect spikes with tiered whorls of dense, white to violet-purple flowers rising above the leaves in late summer.

Landscape uses include borders (along sidewalks, trails, driveways, shrubbery, and trees) and mass plantings as groundcover. Lilyturf can be established on steep slopes where erosion control is needed. Minimal maintenance is required.

PLANT IS: deer resistant

PLANS THAT USE THIS PLANT: All – one of the toughest and most adaptable of plants to a variety of conditions.